Colle Bereto

The Colle Bereto estate is comprised of more than 148 acres of land, over 37 of which are devoted to grape growing. Kevin Francis Gray’s Carrara marble immortalises Soho Girl (2018) in everlasting youth in her wind swept downward glance facing Cyril de Commarque’s sculpture with the neon inscription, “My Eden is a lie”, both adjacent to the permanent installation of Kiki Smiths’ Flower Fountain. My Eden is a Lie in the sape of the polyhedron, recurrent in Cyril de Commarque work, is a symbol of melancholia. It refers to the impossible optimism of offering a better world to the future generation and the destruction of nature.


The works of Servane Mary, Cyril de Commarque and Ibrahim Mahama reflect man’s inhumanity to man. The daily destruction and indifference to the suffering of the innocent are portrayed with chilling beauty, evidence of our unknown ultimate fate. Angélique Stehli’s video stills capturing the cremation process of bodies titled 1044 ºC will be installed in the chapel.

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Chianti Classico
Colle Bereto Gran Selezione 2013

94 points

james suckling

Chianti Classico
Colle Bereto Riserva 2013

93 points

wine spectator

Toscana II Tocco

95 points

wine spectator

Il tocco

94 points

wine spectator

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