Jennie Jieun Lee

United States

Born in Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in Sullivan County, New York. Jennie Jieun Lee has challenged conventions of ceramic sculpture, embracing the inherent vulnerability of the medium. Recent solo exhibitions include Cooper Cole, Toronto, Canada (2021); Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton (2020, 2018); and Martos Gallery, New York (2019, 2015). Lee is currently a Professor of the Practice in Ceramics at School of the Museum of Fine Art and Tufts in Boston, MA.

About her work:

Jennie Jieun Lee might be described as a ceramic artist, but she reaches much further than that. There is a feral quality to Lee’s work that fits her subject and approach: off-center vases covered with cryptic markings; ceramic heads that look like they’re weeping or melting. Using history, malleable clay and a simple invitation to connect, Lee transforms the exhibition space into a more significant, sometimes even spiritual, space.

Represented by Martos Gallery, New York (USA)