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A Historical Estate Capturing Tuscany's Elegance and Contemporary Art.

Perched amidst the lush hills of Castellina in Chianti, Gagliole Estate is a living testament to Tuscany's enduring allure. This dual-property estate, steeped in history and tradition, mirrors the region's rustic charm and inherent beauty. Owned by Zurich-based Thomas and Monika Bär, Gagliole masterfully intertwines its historical roots with a fresh spirit of contemporary art, encapsulating the timeless fascination of the Chianti region.

The narrative of Gagliole stretches back over a millennium, with its inception rooted in 994 AD. This deep-seated lineage has left an indelible mark on the region throughout the centuries. The estate's second property, La Valetta in Panzano, further extends Gagliole's influence, serving as an inviting portal into Tuscany's heart. Thanks to its historic framework and the Bär family's diligent custodianship, Gagliole stands as an emblem of the region's enduring vitality and resilience.

While Gagliole pays tribute to its historical lineage, it simultaneously embraces the invigorating world of contemporary art. This melding of past and present encapsulates the estate's spirit, creating an enriching experience that engages both the senses and the intellect. Visitors have the unique opportunity to savor exquisite wines, each encapsulating the local terroir's distinct character, while simultaneously engaging with innovative art installations. This melding of wine, art, and history crafts a multifaceted experience that touches the soul, providing a vivid window into Tuscany's past, present, and vibrant culture.