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art of the treasure hunt: Percorso 2023

Women in Tuscany

Art of the Treasure Hunt 2023, in its fifth edition, initiates an art trail, a “percorso” of private art initiatives in Italy. We share with the layman artworks in fabulous settings and take the visitor on a quest of new art discoveries. Works by 11 artists are presented in two Tuscan wineries.

from June 15th to October 15th 2023

from June 15th
to October 15th 2023

We gave a party for the gods and the gods all came. - John Giorno

Women in Tuscany: The voices of special people this summer whisper their dreams and hopes at Castello di Brolio and Fèlsina. Follow the beginnings of the art itinerary I have chosen for 2023 as the start of an art « parcours » highlighting the Italian secrets for art lovers.

Follow us to Villa Panza and experience the incredible vision of Giuesppe Panza, the fabulous Borromeo family properties - Isola Bella, Isola Madré and their medival Castel of Rocca d’Angera. 2023 the Borromeo Castle hosts contemporary art from Galeria Franco Noero (Torino).

We invite you to see the works of great designers made for the Bitossi family in their newly opened museum and finally the permanent evolving contemporary collection of Castello di Ama. Castello di Brolio and Fèlsina yearly hosts contemporary art.
More about the artists

Lia D Castro was David. He has evolved to become Lia; an erudite artist and her work portrays her life. She paints her encounters with her clients with whom she engages in sex works but the works are signed David.

The works of June Crespo are mutations from one form to another as each image has a different significance for the viewer.

Diana Fonseca takes remanents of interiors whose walls witness the daily lives of Cubans. These fragments of wall pieces pieced together forms a collage of past lives. What is unwanted and residual becomes a beautiful work.

Jac Leirner assembles common objects from every day life and creates a story. Jac is an iconic Brazilian artist.

Jennie June Lee residing in NYC delves into the world of the supernatural and creates from clay stories of mystical creatures.

Marta Pierobon shows us that hands are the initial physical creators. Thus she has portrayed hands to show the journey of how works are first realised. She is in Castello di Brolio and amongst the casks of Vin Santo in Fèlsina.

Kiki Smith's 2012 jacquard tapestry is a magnificent work that soars away from the earth and the perils it holds. Is it an escape from reality? Kiki lived through the period of aids and her works reflect her thoughts of this turbulent period.

Aidan Salakhova works from marble in Carrera. Pure white marble tells her story.

Alexandra Sukhareva studies the effects of time and light in different mediums. In Fèlsina her mirror works erode depending on their exposure to light and with time changes form.

I lead you through my favourite contemporary art spaces, artists as you glimpse through my eyes of a world that belongs to others. Summer 2023 these voices are the voices of women that I admire.
Portrait of Luziah Hennessy

Luziah Hennessy


Artists & Artworks

Aidan Salakhova


Lia D Castro


Marta Pierobon


Robert Wilson

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The program is available for consultation if you attend the event. To do so, use the password given to you.
This project is the vision of Luziah Hennessy and her friends

For 2023, we wish to thank

Artists & Galleries: Lia D Castro. Brasil - Galeria Jaqueline Martins, São Paulo, Brussels / June Crespo. Spain - Gallery P420, Bologna / Diana Fonseca. Cuba - El Apartamento Gallery, Havana, Madrid / John Giorno. USA - Galleria Apalazzo, Brescia / Jennie Jieun Lee. Korea - Martos Gallery, New York / Jac Leirner. Brasil - Galleria Franco Noero, Torino / Marta Pierobon. Italy - Galleria Apalazzo, Brescia / Aidan Salakhova. Azerbaijan. / Kiki Smith. USA - Galleria Lorcan O’Neill, Roma, Venice / Alexandra Sukhareva. Russia - Galleria Apalazzo, Brescia.
Private collections: Panza Collection. Varese / Levett Collection. Florence / Syz Collection. Montevarchi.
Wineries: Felsina. / Castello di Brolio.

Special thanks to Geoffrey Adam, Bruno Bralfperr, Alessandra Bellavita and Ariane Lemée.