Castello di Volpaia

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A Medieval Castle Embracing Wine and Contemporary Art.

Serenely nestled in the heart of the Italian countryside, the captivating Castello di Volpaia embodies an enchanting juxtaposition of medieval charm, modern viticulture, and vibrant contemporary art. As a fortified village established in 1172, Volpaia effortlessly intertwines an enduring heritage with thriving wine production and artistic endeavor. The castle's lofty walls and commanding towers stand as striking testament to its ancient origins, while its role as one of the highest elevated wineries in the region bears witness to its enduring dynamism and modern vitality.

Steeped in antiquity, Castello di Volpaia's narrative unfurls across the centuries. From its founding in 1172, this medieval bastion has valiantly weathered the vicissitudes of time, its venerable walls serving as a silent chronicle of the past. Today, the castle is entrusted to the stewardship of Carlo Mascheroni and Giovanna Stianti, who deftly harmonize the castle's rich historical legacy with innovative winemaking techniques. As a result, they offer an exceptional portfolio of wines, each vintage a sensorial passage through Tuscany's lush viticultural landscape, imbued with the indelible spirit of its terroir.

Complementing its wine production, Castello di Volpaia harbors a profound appreciation for the arts. From 1982 to 1994, Mascheroni, Stianti, and art gallerist Luciano Pistoi curated contemporary art exhibitions within the castle's age-old edifice, a tradition that continues to thrive. The castle is currently home to an intriguing exhibition by Angélique Stehli, who delves into the transformative power of color. Through her captivating photographic series, Stehli prompts profound reflections on color's impact on human psychology and the environment. Castello di Volpaia thus emerges as a unique sanctuary where the past converges with the present, offering visitors a remarkable exploration of history, viticulture, and art, steeped in the transcendent beauty of Tuscany.