Where Architectural Grandeur Meets Medieval History.

Rocca di Angera, established in the 12th century, stands as a majestic testament to Lombardy's architectural heritage, paired harmoniously with an exceptional collection of medieval artifacts. Conceived by the Visconti family and currently managed by the Borromeo family, this imposing fortress represents a fusion of their shared passions. The castle's narrative began in the Middle Ages with the founders' strategic vision. Today, under their careful stewardship, the castle thrives, annually attracting thousands of visitors who come to explore its rich history and stunning views.

However, Rocca di Angera extends beyond its reputation as a castle, embodying a sanctuary for both history buffs and art enthusiasts. The owners' profound appreciation for medieval art permeates the fortress, with an impressive collection that showcases specifically curated, period-specific pieces. A new addition to the permanent collection, from renowned Italian restorer Giuseppe Rivadossi, is set to further enhance the unique historical appeal of the castle, thanks to the collaboration with Museo del Prado in Madrid.

Steeped in both architectural grandeur and historical richness, Rocca di Angera offers an unforgettable experience that stimulates all senses. Visitors are invited to explore its picturesque gardens, delight in its exceptional views of Lake Maggiore, and engage with the inspiring medieval art collection. Rocca di Angera is more than a castle; it's an intersection of Lombard architecture and medieval history, where the pleasures of exploration and the fascination of art meet in perfect harmony.