A Fusion of Breathtaking Viticulture and Thought-Provoking Art.

Stretching across 148 acres of breathtaking Tuscan countryside, the Colle Bereto Estate represents a vivid embodiment of the region's distinguished winemaking heritage and dynamic artistic spirit. Over 37 acres of the estate are dedicated to the cultivation of grapes, illustrating the relentless rhythm of nature's cycles. This vibrant viticultural expanse juxtaposes with the estate's commitment to showcasing contemporary art, fostering a dialogue between nature's perennial rhythms and the human reflection on existence, embodied through artistic expression.

Steeped in the fertile soils of Tuscany, the Colle Bereto Estate reveres the region's esteemed viticultural traditions. Its extensive vineyards bear a wide array of grape varietals, each mirroring the distinct terroir that imparts this Italian corner its unique character. Yet the allure of Colle Bereto extends far beyond the vine-clad slopes. Amidst the verdant landscape, the estate hosts an array of evocative art installations that stir contemplation on the human condition. Notably, Kevin Francis Gray's "Soho Girl" (2018), an eternal figure sculpted from Carrara marble, graces the estate, alongside Cyril de Commarque's neon-lit sculpture inscribed with the melancholic verse, "My Eden is a Lie."

Further enhancing its artistic repertoire, Colle Bereto displays other installations by Servane Mary, Cyril de Commarque, and Ibrahim Mahama. These artworks cast an unsettling illumination on humanity's potential for cruelty, depicting the chilling indifference towards suffering and destruction. Angélique Stehli's video stills, "1044 ºC," picturing the cremation process, instill a sense of transience and finality in the estate's chapel, prompting profound reflections on our collective destiny. Colle Bereto Estate thus emerges as a unique sanctuary where the joys of Tuscan viticulture intertwine with the thought-provoking power of contemporary art. It invites visitors to embark on a journey that delights the senses and challenges the mind, contemplating the profound realities of human existence whilst savoring exceptional wines.