Where Ceramic Mastery Meets Modern Design.

Fondazione Vittoriano Bitossi, established in 1975, stands as a glowing tribute to Italy's ceramic artistry, paired seamlessly with an exceptional collection of modern design. Conceived by ceramicist Franco Bitossi and CEO Maria Righi, this expansive 200-acre estate represents a fusion of their shared passions. The estate's narrative began in the mid-1970s with the founders' innovative vision. Today, under their meticulous guidance, the estate flourishes, annually producing thousands of pieces of high-quality ceramics, as well as a significant quantity of exquisite porcelain.

However, Fondazione Vittoriano Bitossi extends beyond its reputation as a ceramic workshop, embodying a haven for both design aficionados and art enthusiasts. The owners' deep appreciation for modern design permeates the estate, with an impressive collection that showcases specifically commissioned, site-specific pieces. A new addition to the permanent collection, from renowned Japanese designer Yoji Yamamoto, is set to further enhance the unique design appeal of the estate, thanks to the collaboration with Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Milan.

Immersed in both ceramic mastery and design magnificence, Fondazione Vittoriano Bitossi offers an unforgettable experience that stimulates all senses. Visitors are invited to explore its picturesque workshops, delight in its exceptional ceramics and porcelain, and engage with the inspiring modern design collection. Fondazione Vittoriano Bitossi is more than an estate; it's an intersection of Italian ceramic artistry and modern design, where the pleasures of craft and the fascination of design meet in perfect harmony.