Marta Pierobon


Born in Brescia, Italia. Lives and works in Milan. Pierobon has exhibited in Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Her most recent exhibition, No, NEON, NO CRY was hosted by the Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Bologna in 2022.

About her work:

Pierbon presents three ceramic works, which have to do with the domestic world and with “making” in the strict sense of the term. "Creatura manina," which is part of a series, talks about the power of the hand to become other than itself, and somehow also to create other than itself, this hand becomes a being, a selfgenerating creature. "Grotto/Hand," is part of a series of three works all titled "Grotto/Hand," stemming from the thought of the hand as a place, as a space, as a protection that becomes architecture. "Handy/man," the least recent work, is a true tale about the ancestral power of hands as creators that in this case become flames, with a clear reference to the practice of clay firing. All three works are related to the theme of transformation and impermanence.

Represented by Apalazzo Gallery, Brescia (Italy)